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Corrosion Inhibiting Compound

This jointing compound is Designed for Aluminium Crimped connections, which is made from grease and zinc dust. The grease acts as a corrosion inhibitor and the zinc and thickener act as a surface breaking current bridge in the joint. The jointing compound should be applied immediately after brushing to remove any oxide.

Recommended Practice for Resistance to Corrosion

Whilst aluminum withstands weathering without protection during many years of service, the use of a corrosion inhibiting compound is recommended where conditions are particularly aggressive, such as chemical of salt-laden atmospheres, or where inspection and cleaning are likely to be irregular. Such an inhibitor must :

1. Not affect electrical properties of the compression joint.
2. Be non-corrosive to Aluminium, copper, steel, tin, zinc and combinations of these:
3. Not deteriorate on exposure to atmosphere at conductor operating temperatures:
4. Have good sealing properties against moisture and contaminating substances in the atmosphere.
5. Have a high temperature drop point:

This corrosion inhibiting Compound ‘ascon’ made as per British Standards Institution Specification, is recommended for application over the prepared end of the conductor and inside the Ferrules/LugTerminal End, Before Crimping.

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